2020 design trends in our projects!

Our technical department’s constant research for new design trends ensures that our exhibition design, retail and contract projects are always in step with the times; rich in details that make the difference, must-have furnishings and finishings inspired by contemporary trends.

Here are some cult interior design ideas of 2020 that we can relive through our creations.

Marble gives elegance and definition to any environment combined with metals, in particular brass, copper and bronze, able to breathe life into aseptic spaces.

The latter represent an industrial yet minimal approach, almost always present in the schemes of interior design. Some examples are suspended metal lamps over marble and glass tables.

Velvet has seen popularity for a few years now and will continue to do so also throughout 2020. However, the colors will change, becoming brighter and brighter to give environments a luxurious and comfortable look.

Black Metal spread thanks to the industrial style. It integrates perfectly into any environment and is now in fashion in the furniture choices of the current year.

Another 2020 trend are Indoor Gardens. Thanks to the growing attention to environmental issues, interior designers are relying on grassy walls or small flower beds in their projects. The philosophy is to let nature enter spaces and environments, as well as aesthetic reasons for the spirit’s well-being.

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