Barberini: we design spaces that enhance the brand’s image for over 25 years

Barberini is now one of the most successful international general contractors.

From steady wood tradition to contemporary architecture design: a path started up more than 25 years ago by its founder who, with passion and entrepreneurial spirit, was able to transform a small workshop into an industrial reality within a globalised market. Barberini today is an excellent partner for the realisation of exclusive spaces dedicated to contract, exhibition and retail.



Arturo Barberini

Founder and President, was born in Stuttgart, symbol of the versatile German industrial economy. He moves, still young, to New York. Here he increases his interest in modernity, multiculturalism, passion for work and entrepreneurial creativity. Then, he hands over his experience to the old family workshop. The conversion from artisan to industrial entity has been the starting point to establish a large-scale reality. Starting from the design and production of spaces for leader companies, Barberini becomes a general contractor.


Philosophy & Globalization

Offer a complete service: from the concept to the design, production and installation of trade show booths, stands for fairs and events, showrooms, temporary shops, contract furniture and retail display fixtures.

Conceiving spaces with impressive solutions; unconventional architectures able to hit, excite and communicate. Offering a complete service of concept ideation, design, production and installation; all supported by the most advanced technologies, skilled human resources and a constant support to the customer, in order to create a relationship of mutual trust aimed at a continuous improvement of our service.
Thanks to this aim, Barberini has built over the years an international task force organised and structured on the basis of a proven logistic platform that exploits synergies with local partners to accompany customers abroad without sacrificing the Made in Italy design.

The departments of the company

From the conception of the idea to its final realisation, Barberini is able to follow every stage of the process internally, qualifying as the ideal partner for the setting up of spaces which communicate the value of each brand.

Concept & Design
The concept of each project was born in the creative workshop where experienced designers develop ideas and transform them into projects.
Production laboratory composed by concrete industrial departments give shape to the concept created by designers.
Logistics & Installation
The logistic area is dedicated to the handling of the goods and to the set up of the finished product, through the support of a computerised warehouse.

Barberini: a well-structured general contractor company

The rapid growth experienced over the years required a parallel adjustment in terms of resources and organisation, achieved with the new plant opening. A modern structure containing all necessary departments devoted to goods handling and to the final product installation.



Marketing Department

The marketing team gets in touch every day with important companies, plans and organises the fairs and events calendar and manages online and offline communication to give shape to the company brand identity.



Sales Department

It consists of a network of expert project managers representing the link between customer and company. They support the customer throughout the process, from the development of the concept to the implementation of the same, replying to every request and coordinating the various departments in order to obtain an excellent and on-time result.



Design & Technical Department

It’s the creative core of the company where a team of experienced designers creates customised projects. This is where ideas begin to take shape, and with the help of the latest technologies the customer is driven into a virtual dimension of his future space.



Export Department

It manages the organisation of international events and permanent installations in Europe and the rest of the world. It deals with foreign clients, planning and coordinating all activities related to the management of a foreign order, with particular attention to the regulations of the individual countries. Today Barberini operates in more than 22 countries.



Customer Care

An after-sales service is always available to the customer and gives a wide range of services performed after the delivery of the work.




It has machines with the highest technological standards and, thanks to the help of a specialised team, it develops very sophisticated processes.




Equipped with water-lacquered cabins, it allows to realise internally different types of painting obtaining a high quality result and competitive at the same time.




A department dedicated to metal working to create temporary or permanent settings unique in their kind. A combination of materials in which metal and wood fit together to give the creations an original and exclusive feature.


A platform for goods handling, including a fully computerised warehouse, directly connected to production, to optimise the loading and unloading timing and subsequent transport to the respective destinations, both in Italy and abroad. An area also structured to offer materials storage service after each event, in order to guarantee the goods perfect conservation and maintenance.




Via Giuseppe Impastato
61040 Castelvecchio di Monte Porzio (PU) Italy
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