30th Anniversary

On April 5th 1991, "Barberini Allestimenti di Barberini Arturo" was founded by the homonymous president, who then changed its name to "Barberini Allestimenti srl" in 1999.

A story that began exactly 30 years ago, in a small artisan shop with a lot of passion and just as much ambition.

It was precisely that ambition, combined with tenacity and constant commitment, that transformed this small shop into what is now a headquarters of 20.000 sqm, capable of creating the most exclusive projects destined to Retail, Contract and Exhibition Design.

A strong entrepreneurial spirit that has always driven the company towards great goals, with the belief that nothing is impossible; the same mindset led Barberini to be a general contractor recognized by the most famous international brands.

We would like to consider this milestone only as a step on a path that we are confident will lead us to many more successes.

We strongly believe that even in this particular historical moment, which has affected the entire country and heavily impacted on our sector, tenacity and dedication will once again be rewarded and will push us towards new ambitious goals.

Our thanks go to all of those who have contributed to achieving this goal.

Thanks to our customers, who have made us part of their success, thanks to our suppliers who have always supported us, thanks to our collaborators and partners who believed in us, and a special thanks to all our employees, the real beating heart of the company.

Together towards a future of new horizons and challenges, to make every new goal a fresh starting point.

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